gooooddd morniiiinnnggg! :)

haayy.. napaka-great na morning.. tanghali na pala...

LoL... i'm inlove... i think with david in all american girl... npka sweet.. and up to now.. can't imagine how combat boots would look like with daisy prints... sama mo na ung japanese-war-kind of hat.. .uhm.. with daisy prints pren... haha

david. david. LoL.. parang gusto ko rin kumain ng hamburger..

i wish upon a dead star na magkaroon ako ng sariling david... meaning... anak ng president of someone highly influencial.. haha... what the fuck...

LoL... mom said we're gonna go to bong garcia (whoever that designer is) to convert my sister's prom dress (which is a tube top btw) to a halter top... kase ayoko mag tube.. ayoko ng pinkish-old-ros-y color ng gown!

sigh.. that's what you get if you have an older sister who's nearly your size... how lame is that.. i'll be wearing used-gowns both at the prom and probably pti sa grad ball... this sucks. and mom won't let me buy a new gown kasi sayang lang...-_-... and then my older sister gets to buy a new gown for her JS prom while i, next year, will be using it again... talk about being unfair...

and the date of her senior's prom is on the 18th of Jan.. tapos samen sa 19!!??!?!? ano kya yun... grabe ang sya...-__-

tsss. naiinggit ako...haha...


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