hehe... i made another lyout... after getting tired of my past layout (which looks exactly the same still...) i decided to make a new one.. dedicating it to one of the top proffessions i'll choose to be.. an entrepreneur! .. next to becoming a lawyer ofcourse... hehe... ok ba? which's better.. this one or the past layout (the barcode banner of you CANT buy me, white bg color, pink blue and white theme)?...hehe.. anyway.. i think mas maganda toh... i made improvements naman... look.. the banner is now filtered... thanks to the filter code i found somewhere... and look... i changed the cursor!! weee... it's now a clock.. a moving clock mind you... with the date.. oras yan dito sa pinas kaya... u'll be confused if you're someone from another country.

i sooo like the color... RED! burning RED!! i lovee REEDD!!

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