my take on freedom

warning: long post ahead. sit back, relax and nevermind my grammatical errors.

yeah, it's june 12! everybody, let's celebrate!!!

ok, honestly. i don't feel this day. i just don't feel the freedom. or maybe i'm just not sure what freedom really is? why, do you have any idea what geniune freedom speaks about? no you don't. neither do i! except that i know that decades ago, a group of patriots died for it. yeah, we're taught about that in gradeschool and up to now, my knowledge of what freedom really is hasn't grown. >_> maybe i'm just too dumb. or maybe, we filipinos think we're so much deprived of everything that we don't anymore recognize what our national heroes fought for.

huuh? i don't know. even though it's our national independence day, it doesn't give me an excuse to write something sensible, much more deep and inquisitive, cos i don't do that. that's not me. my idea of things doesn't cross the borders of being an intellectual. i am not that. i'm shallow, really shallow, vain, conceited, vain, vain some more, i can't talk about anything else other that how my day went, yah... this is my little vanity outlet. i'll shut up now.

okok. i don't feel the freedom that is incorporated during independence days but i do feel freedom everyday! it's just not the type of freedom that rallyists fight for. but you see...

[o sige, FOREWARN: ang gulo ng kasunod nito. hahaha pero at least nasabi ko lahat, kahit na super incoherent na nya. wahehehe]

freedom has always been at hand

the problem is, we just let it sit on our palms. we don't grasp it like how it must be. you know what, once we (and i'm talking about us pinoys) grasp that piece of freedom that was distributed by our national heroes in each and every Filipino palm (>.<), we will understand that there is more to freedom than what's playing on our tv screens. we will get to understand that freedom isn't all about being heard by the government. real freedom lies within. check yourselves, and see in which aspect of your life you remain caged. once we free ourselves from our own personal cages, then real freedom begins.

uhh, friends... i know what i'm talking about, i just don't know if you understand. >_> i'm not so sure of my words, nor my illustrations but i just want share to you my own understanding of freedom. it's just that...

ganito yan. feeling kasi nating mga Pilipino, masyado tayong deprived! kesho bawal mag squat dito o kung san pa man, feeling natin we're being robbed of our right to live! like we're being deprived of our freedom to get a good shelter... but no. porque bawal ang ganito at ganyan, bawal dito at doon, feeling natin binabalik ulit tayo sa nakaraan kung saan inaapi tayo and inaalila ng mga animal na dayuhan na yan. pero hindeeeee, tayo ang umaabuso sa ating sariling kalayaan. we MUST understand that freedom does not give us an escuse to gain access to things that are forbidden by law. we MUST understand that national freedom is a state of independency from being a colony of a foreign nation. it's not a state of allowing every Filipino to do whatever he wants. >_>

and now we brag about our freedom being shackled once more, and by none other than our very own countrymen!

feeling natin hindi tayo pinapakinggan, pero ang totoo wala tayong alam kung ano ang tunay na sitwasyon ng bayan natin. kaya nga naghahalal tayo ng mamumuno, dahil sa kanya natin ini-aatas lahat ng tungkulin ng pagpapalago ng pilipinas. pero ang nangyayari, gusto lang natin ng may masisisi! puro tayo sisi! kasalanan ni ganito, kasi kurakot sya! kasalanan ni ganyan kasi hindi nya tayo pinakikinggan!

e kasi.. hmmm. sa totoo lang, iisa lang naman talaga ang gusto nating mangyari for our dearest Philippines. gusto natin itong mag prosper!! and by being prosperous, andyan na yung mabawasan ang people under the poverty line, mabawasan an krimen, graft and corruption, maging clean and green ang bayan, maging totoong Christian nation and pilipinas, yumaman ang bansa. yeah, lahat lahat yan kasama sa pagiging prosperous pero what we don't know is that THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GET TO THAT. sobrang dami! and most of us fail to realize na iba't ibang daan ang tinatahak ng mga nakaupo sa pwesto para makarating don!

take gloria (i don't care kung galit ka sa kanya), economista sha so most probably she'll focus on our economy para mapalago ang bansa dahil yun ang expertise nya, yun ang tinapos nya eh. h'bout kung iba ang presidente? let's take a teacher? kung teacher ang presidente, malamang magfofocus sha sa education para masolusyunan ang problema ng bansa. e kung military man ang naging presidente? possible martial law, magiging supere strict and batas,so you see, iba't ibang tao, iba't ibang paraan, pero iisa lang ang layunin. and we don't realize that.

gusto natin yung gusto natin ang masusunod, feeling natin yun ang tama. pero ang totoo we're just being selfish. wala tayong masisi kaya puro tayo OUST OUST OUST! rally dito rally doon. e ano ba yang mga rally na yan? nanghahatak lang naman yan ng mga adik sa kanto para magbuhat ng banners and streamers ah. binabayaran lang sila. tapos magkakatraffic, magkakaroon ng mga aksidente, may magbubungguan, tapos sisisihin ang MMDA dahil kulang ang traffic signs. HUWAAAT? e magkanda duling duling na nga ako sa kababasa ng mga paalala nila sa daan eh. yun nga lang ang liit ng font, it'll take a while for me to finish reading. hmmph. so yun, maninisi nanaman .tayo! tapos mamaya magagalit tayo dahil ang dumi dumi ng pilipinas. tanga. e kalat mo yun eh! >_>

ay ewan basta.
tigilan na ang paninisi. just keep quiet kung reklamo lang naman ang sasabihin mo dahil the truth is, alam na NILA yan. ginagawan na nga ng paraan e. feeling mo kasi ang dali dali lang non.

hintay ka lang dude.
kain muna. gutom lang yan. hahahaha

oha. ang labo ko.

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