Unlimited Coffee and Cake for 150 from Cravings and The Coffee Beanery

This entry is supposed to be for September 11, 2011

After being featured on Jessica Soho last night, terai and i swore we had to try this out, and we did! Bwahahahaha! I did a bit of research and discovered that along with Cravings, The Coffee Beanery (TCB) also offers the same promo (prolly cos the pastry concessionaire is the same). Soooo, the promo is avaiable on the following branches and is running until December 2011:

Cravings Center Katipunan
CCA Kitchen Cravings Eastwood
Cravings Festival
Cravings Tomas Morato
TCB West Avenue
TCB Shangrila

We tried it out at TCB West Ave since it's Sunday and it's only walking distance from the church. From my research, they only offer 3-4 cakes for their unlimited promo. When we got there, there were 5 cakes on display but only 3 cakes are available: Choco Caramel Cake, Devil's Food Cake and Ube Sansrival Cake. The 2 other cakes were Carrot cake and Double Chocolate cake. For unlimited coffee, they offer three variants: Brewed coffee, Iced coffee and Cafe Americano. You can choose all of them hehehehe

And because terai and i kind of promised so make the most out of our 150 pesos, we tried everything. Uhm, I did! I forgot what she drank but we both had 7 slices of cake each and I tried all three coffees.

First slice, choco caramel cake

See? it's sooo freakin thinly sliced I wonder if it could stand upright. >:| I was disappointed when i was served this but then again, who cares about the serving? as long as it's unlimited I could get as much as I want! bwahahahaha and besides, it's a freakin dessert, small servings are acceptable hehe. Btw, this is my favorite!

Second slice, Devil's food cake

Terai's favorite!

Third slice, Ube Sansrival

Okay, we just made that name up, dunno how they call it there but it's ube and the base is sansrival so that's Ube Sansrival. K. Ah, we didn't like this. Hehehehe Maybe because we're starting to get really stuffed with the cake and coffee. But it's good! hahahaha

Fourth slice - another choco caramel for me! >:D

Our 5th slice should be choco caramel again (were kindof trying to finish the entire cake so they'd bring down the carrot cake haha) but it's ardy finished so they brought down a new cake. I was hoping it would be Carrot cake but they brought us Double Chocolate instead. At this point, I was starting to get a headache and terai is still busy reading Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

So there, the fifth slice goes to... Double chocolate!

yummynessssss >XD

HAHAHA in between the cakes we also tried their unli coffee,

Coffee 1, Brewed coffee

Pretty cool, not too strong, just yer regular brewed coffee >;)

Coffee 2, Iced coffee

I was thinking it's kindofa latte but no. It's just iced brewed coffee. not much difference. just. yknow. iced. hehehe and we enjoyed pouring creamer on it! lookit the effect! >8D

Coffee 3, Cafe Americano
Ah this, couldn't tell the difference between brewed coffee. I guess it's slightly stronger. no really. i don't know. hahahaha

Back to the cakes...
6th slice - back to Devil's Food Cake

at this point terai and i were really stuffed. my headache has gone worse and i could totally throw up anytime but bwahahahaha when we saw the other table being served CARROT CAKE, we were like, KUYAAA IS THE CARROT CAKE AVAILABLE FOR UNLI ALREADY?! >;D and because the nice kuya said yes...

7th slice goes to the most anticipated CARROT CAAAAAKE

what's new with the serving size?
i really wanted to try this out cos it looked good on display plus carrot cakes are topped with cream cheese or whatever cheesy icing they have and i love cheesy cakes... or something... hahaha... BUT you see, if i was in a better mood (no headache and not on the verge of barfing), i would've enjoyed this more! hehehehe but it's really good. it's like fruitcake without alcohol, topped with cream cheese or something. hahaha

so. yeahhhhh.

we're gluttons over eat-all-you-cans, i wouldn't even say it's worth my 150 (or terai's 150 to be exact cos she treated me bwahehehe) cos i have a tendency to really stuff myself like crazy just to experience the WHOOOLE THING. never mind barfing like an anorexic afterwards as long as i'm full, ooor as long as i could say it's worth 150 (which in the end is not. at all).

in this case, we were able to try all 5 cakes naman so. i'm still happy about the experience! BWAHAHAHAHA

sooo. GO TRY IT OUT! the cakes are really good, i'm no pastry connoisseur here, i'm simply someone who loves sweets. can't drop quality reviews about the cakes cos for me they're all good! if it's bad, i'd tell you guys it's bad... no other adjectives cos i'm no good at describing food hahaha. anyhow! just believe me when i say it's good! maybe i just went too berserk over the coffee that's why i got stuffed easily but it's really cool to have tried this out!

PS: Red Ribbon, please have the same promo! >:D

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