good morning?

this week was full of crap. i don't know! everything that has happened since wednesday is major bullcrap.
my grades went down.
quit OJT to find something new.
applied everywhere and realized i'm wasting so much money for this.
enrolled and got overly pissed off with their new policy.

oh well, tears are in for me this september. >:| i don't know why. perhaps the only good thing that balances all of this is jec! for me he's a breather and.... oryt i'm trying not to be cheesy cos i'm saving it for next year so yeah. i'll stop the jec-talk here bwahaha. because of him i could say life is still good. God still loves me. >:D

yesterday, or last friday cos technically it's ardy sunday. i had a mini chika-slash-pep talk with jigger, the CBS secretary who's doing so much work and initative for the team. i owe him so much because i feel like i'm not doing anything at all. he should be president, not me, seriously... if for the amount of work he initiates for the student council. and you know what, i told him that. that i feel sorry for being useless and all. >XO hahaha it was cool talking to him, he lifted my spirits a bit! HAHA mega nega kasi ako, no amount of pep talk could probably lift me up from my depression. ako lang talaga.ewan. basta. i appreciate him!

btw, i dreamt of him one time. in my dream, i was packing my things. i had two back packs, mine and jec's. then he carried one of them. i don't remember which but he was waiting for me ekek and took the bag to help. the end!

i also remember dreaming about francis magalona. in my dream, i had a major crush on him and blah. i don't remember na! i should've written this earlier when it's still a bit intact in my memory. henako.

earlier was so fun! my cousins and nieces and nephews were here for mamay's death anniv. >:D >:D kapagod ampotek. aaaah, i actually consider my nieces and nephews as my cousins, and my cousins as my titos and titas because of the age gap. my cousins are all twice older, and their children are nearer my age so daryugow. >:)

i'm not sleepy though i'm very tired! >XO ewan ko ba.

terai and i are planning on trying Craving's unlimited coffee and cake for P150 tomorrow!!! i read a bad review about it knina lang e so... tsk nakakainis tuloy. takam na takam pa naman kami! sana magpa-ganun din yung RED RIBBON!!! gusto ko ng canteana cheescake. argggh chaka choco banana cake! huhuhu gutom na ko! >XO

Good mornight!

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