coming sooooon! >8D


i'm gonna search sanrio all over for this BWAHAHAHA. it took me an hour to decide! hello kitty ba o keroppi or chococat but i picked him for the following reasons; it's cute! and it's black so it won't look obviously dirty over time hahahaha and mommy said i have to replace my bed mates already and donate my other stuffed toys. either that or she's throwing them away. huhu. this is all peachy's fault, she introduced me to sanrio! black cats are lucky pa nga daw eh. shemay na-excite ako hihihihi >XD goodbye baks!

so pwede na ko siguro mag-aral no? bwaha

BTW, blogger changed their interface! it's neater and very much like the Preview (Dense) theme from GMail. Obviously Google's aiming for 1 minimalist look haha and it's pretty cool! >:D

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