ate lisa's wedding

Congrats to ate lisa and kuya christian! >:D the family's getting bigger, i can't believe we were just kids pestering our uncles for mint bills before. now everyone has grown up and is leaving singlehood one by one! >XD i almost cried at the ceremony. almost but not quite! ate lisa was sooooo stunning, so is kuya christian! hahaha i just realized how beautiful weddings are! the ceremony, the people, THE FOOD bwahahaha. everything is symbolic of love! sarap mabuhay pag may minamahal! >:D

anyway! this morning was stressful to the bones. there were so many things i forgot to do and delegate. then we lost our thesis stuff which basically contains our GRADESSS. then yesterday i lost my purse! there're 2 usbs there, 900 cash and my samsung earphones my goodness. and recently i just keep on forgetting important stuff. and i know it has something to do with my health deteriorating! sleeping late robs my brain of neurons i need to function rationally and intelligently.

hahaha Lord, i dunno if you're cool that i believe in karma or that universal balance of good and evil junk hahahaha. i think not?! hahaha but i can't help thinking if this is what it takes to have a love life! HAHAHAHA over e diba?! if this much bad is happening to me, THEN, i might be holding something really great right now that i'm being allowed to experience misfortunes like this hahahahahaha. you know, the universe demands balance! can't be unceasingly happy!

thank you Lord because i found two incredibly important things today! jec's nyan cat drawing and my samsung usb cord! >XO i've been looking for the drawing all over the place (or my room) since last month pa nga eh, flipping pages of the heaps of books and notebooks in my shelf in case i inserted it somewhere cos i remember i was actually hiding it cos daddy might barge into the room and boom! hahaha then i recalled that i brought it with me to iloilo and baaaam, i found it on the suitcase i used then! >:D then yknow i was decluttering my room and saw on the floor, a familiar sight... my samsung usb cord!!!! >XD whattttaaa blessing! HAHAHA and here i go again, thinking about the things i may have done right during the day enough for me find two lost things at once. HAHAHA wrong thinking, you think? haha

the only good deed i remember doing was when i accompanied an umbrella-less woman to her office at ortigas while crossing to robinsons yesterday cos the rain was pretty mad that night. and that's like a daily kebs deed duuuh cos everyone would do the same thing. anyhow. robinsons galeria is not cool, for the reason that i lost my purse there diba hahahaha and i'm never a fan of gale cos transportation to fairview is hellish! terai and i had to walk all the friggin way to megamall just to catch a decent bus without engaging in a stampede. haaay. mega's still the beeest!

i'm excited to go back to UP again just to food trip! >XO hope it doesn't rain on monday!!! choco-banana shake i miiiiisss you already!!!

ah! i'm worried cos recently i've been losing craploads of money and btw, smartbro just billed me for the month! how do i cope? i'm jobless for the entire year with no sidelines! unless they decide to still hire me after OJT but then i kinda want to rest the entire year off eh? but hello money! don't fly awaaaayyy.

oraaayt i'm sleepy! goood night fellas! >:D

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