i'm so happy right now and nothing, NOTHING, can ruin my mood (valid only this day). i'll see to it that i'll be extra cheerful with life, particularly today. :)

i got 19 units at last!!! and i got chem32! although i'm still not sure what to feel towards taking that blasted subject this sem, it makes good sense to take it as challenge. i'm excited and scared at the same time. :)

and later, after doing the things i ought to do first, i'll be hanging out with my friends at edsa shang. well, i missed them and i had to convince my mom -biiiig time- to let me go because i have *sniff* colds and it might rain hard. i have money problems but i'm not really worried on spending too much, i can always have fun with them without minding the budget constraint because admit it or not, gimmick days sorely depends on the money. hahaha but that's not in my case, hardly ever.

news!news! i accepted another offer to beta my fic, hopefully it'll come out nicely because i haven't heard from the one i talked to last time to beta my work. and i don't wanna bother her anymore because i think she's already forgotten about it. last time she said she's already done and she's just searching for the file in her hdisk (but quite honestly i think she lost it). she should be gravely responsible for abandoning that work. hmm...

more so...

i feel rather odd. giddy, over something uncertain. i don't knoooow, i hardly swoon over edward cullen these days so why the fluttery feeling? i feel like i have a crush on someone I CAN'T PIN POINT EXACTLY, this is funny.

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