discovery suites :)

i wasn't planning on staying for the night but since nobody's going home, i was convinced to stay, without any change of clothes and stuff. hahaha, but i got by! WE got by! :)

it was soooo fun! XP i thought they're staying at shang but they moved to discovery so i followed them there. hahaha, i seriously think we could all live together. for good. hahahahaha

we bought chips, canned goods, bread, pancit canton, iced tea and lots of vodka cruiser. we cooked, we watched, we drank, and got ourselves wasted. i only got myself a little bit wasted! but i know someone who uhh, wasted herself completely *winks*. it's a brilliant thing we caught it on video *winkwink* now all we have to is wait till it gets to youtube *winkwinkwink*

haaaaay. i had fun! yeah, thanks so much for the experience KA! and to my beloved friends whom i spent the glorious night with (ka,nez,michi,karlita,larz,carla)...i love you!

and to my dear dear friends who weren't there (hannah,jami,martha,ding,lau,kim)... you missed a LOOOOOTTTT! haahahahaha XD

hehe, sa uulitin. :D

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