ate tina's wedding (i'm the next bride! hehehe)

pictures uploaded HERE (for contacts only).

warning: masyadong detalyado. not for the easily bored. *___~;

yesterday we went to ate tina's wedding. hehe, it was fun! probably the most up-close weddings i've attended. :) my mom is one of the principal sponsors and my dad is part of the church ceremony so i'm left with my sister and my cousins to take pictures and document the whole thing. hehe, we weren't really keen on that you know. i even brought a book in case i get bored but luckily, it never happened. it was fuuuun. hahaha, you'll know why. :p

haaaay, it was fun sight-seeing around intramuros. it's my first time there! hehe, the place is so old... i mean, the historical kind of old and it's so pleasant to look at and capture. :D after the wedding, we decided to just walk to the reception hall since it's just behind the cathedral. alright, it was TORTURE. it wasn't far but my feet hurts already. i'm wearing high heels eh, fckdmmit talaga. so in the middle of walking along the sidewalk, i took off my stilletos, carried it and ran to the entrance. whattarelief, pare. it was so hot pa, ang arte ko. pero if you were in shoes (literally), you'd probably do the same thing. it was the most unpleasant thing that happened to me that afternoon.

but sure enough, compensation came. :)

the villa was wonderfuuuuuuul!! hahaha, e ang ganda talaga eeeeh. @___@
so we sat at table 6 and waited for the host to finally announce the start of the reception proper (shempre, it's the FOOOD we're waiting for! haha). but no! after the tamayo waiters did an opening production by dancing the papaya dance (which, btw, looked hot on them lol), the host said that the order of lining up at the buffet table shall be determined by drawing lots. haha, so the first table called was 11 and after that, i was praying already, chanting "siiiiix! siiiiix! siiiiiix!"

and it was granted. XP so we stood up and got our pictures taken with the newly weds and off we go to eaaaat! haha, we ate a lot. i got a plate full of every dish! i asked for beer, i enjoyed the wine at the toasting ceremony, i also had brewed coffee. too much yeah, but honestly, i wasn't able to finish my plate. saaaad. hehe

then it's time to let tradition take place. and because i already spoiled you with the title. i'll start with the bachelors first.

so they got called, some of my cousins we're there along with other guys malamang from the groom's side. they were asked to line up and pass the oversized garter as the music plays. but before doing so, they have to wear it from head to feet before passing it the next guy. when the music stops, whoever possesses the garter at the moment becomes 'the next groom'. i think it's the bestman who won (according to my sister -- crush nya pala hahaha)

now it's our turn. we we're called out ony by one, i came with my sister, my cousins plus a lot more girls. i wasn't feeling nor hoping for the bouquet to miraculously land on my hands especially if they're planning to do the traditional bride-throws-the-bouquet-behind and leave us in a dramatic state of straining our arms to get the glorious title. hehe instead, they did it differently.

we were asked to encircle the bride and get a partner. i went for my sister. the bride is holding the bouquet on her hands with lots of long green ribbons hanging on its end. each pair is to pick one, pull it at the count of 3 and whichever pair gets the ribbon attached to the bouquet advances to the 'final' round. and because of my uncanny ability to pick the right ribbon, my sister and i have to vie for the most coveted title among bachelorettes that afternoon. the 'final' round was the same, now only with 2 ribbons. oh, you know what happened... i picked the one attached to the bouquet so... yun.

hindi ko alam kung dapat akong matuwa, but for the most part i had fun naman. though...

i'm so concious and uncomfortable sitting on that chair with the bestman kneeling before me ready to slide in the garter on my leg. e bakit naman? 1) pangit legs ko, i don't shave, i have lots of scars. lol 2) hindi ako nagpapedicure hahaha, i usually don't naman kasi eh 3) i'm wearing my mom's sandals that moment which is 2 sizes smaller so, ang pangit tingnan diba and lastly 4)I FCKN DON'T WANT THE GARTER TO GO HIGHER THAN MY KNEE.

and there was an option pa, 'by teeth or by hand?' said the host. hehe, i just laughed. i have to be polite eh. haller. shempre by hand. so ok naman. i stood up and left, pero di pa pala tapos lol. may ibang gimick pa. so we were told to face each other and hold hands. ganun din yun bride and groom... then the groom kisses the bride in three places (shoulder, neck, chin). and the guy has to do the same to me. err... ohkaaaay?

so yun. for the spirit of fun, sure sige. like i have any choice diba?
that was the last part of the program. hehehe and we went home. weeeeeh, kakapagod. kakabusog.

congrats ate tina! kuya pete, welcome to the family :)

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