pretty dull

i'm bored. though i finally have a list of things to do (fix my bed, wash the dishes, cook dinner etc), i'm not in the least bit enthused. our maid just left, she wasn't even here for a month and she left already! how.dare.her.

lol. i'm not even angry, if that's how i should feel. i'm more bored than angry to bother about it. or maybe i should bother myself with it to alleviate the boredom.
sheeesh. i hope my uncle fetches in a new maid before the end of the day. haha, ang spoiled. but really, when i washed the dishes awhile ago i realized how messy she truly is. i can even clean better, though i won't hold it as an enough ground to quit hiring maids. haha sure, there were times i think i scared her (and she told me so). but that's all unintentional, i was just joking hahaha. i'm really nice to her. wtdfck. lol, that's not the ultimate reason why she left naman eh so i don't care. haha. yeah, i don't care. diba, i could just write a single sentence saying our maid left pero i went as far as lengthening it to a paragraph or so. hahahaha.

i wish i could go outside and chill but i don't have money. i want to go to shang tomorrow with my friends but i don't have money haha and who's gonna take care of the house? not that it needs some taking care of but whatebburr.

my sister's kinda mad at me for being the next bride. ohyesiknowwhy, she envies me for 'stealing' her crush. like i care? can't you see, he's probably more than 10 years our senior. though i doubt i looked 10 years younger than he is. wouldn'tgiveadamnreally.

i hate looking older than i actually am. here are some of the instances i ultimately abhor.

  • 1st year higschool - i was 11 by then, and my friend's little brother thought i'm already in COLLEGE

  • 1st year college - i was 16! i'm batch 2006 but people never believe i am, the oldest people mistake me for is batch 2004. whatanunforgivablecomment.

  • just this summer (still in college)- oh remember the PM classes? my only classmate thought i'm already in my 20's when i'm barely 18. whatcanido? he's 28!

  • oh i get this every time - i look older than my sister. but it's okay cos i also act older (and i'm taller too haha), so that's a little compensation. i've come to accept this perception already because, heck, this is something i must live with everyday.

hehehe. XP

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