u da bum!

i've been wandering aimlessly in our house and nothing seems to interest me enough by involving myself in it. usually when i'm bored, i antagonize our maids by ordering pointless things and just snobbing them to death but THAT'S BEFORE. i quit doing it when i realized it isn't cool scaring your maids like that. and plus, it doesn't add to the senorita factor, if that's what i'm afraid of losing.

i quit being a bad girl when i realized we're not really rich and i cannot compensate my foul attitude towards them with my own money because in the first place, I HAVE NO MONEY. at all.

ate sheryl and ate aiza (whom i haven't known personally, yet) haven't texted me if they're pushing through here tonight, although i'm positive they will, i'm just aching for a companion. gaarr... and i'm also looking forward to the dvds ate sheryl promised me.

if not driving school, then i'll probably go nuts doing nothing at all. maid chores are not my type, unless i'm being scolded for it. going online has been part of my summer routine and honestly, i didn't think i'd be running out of webpages (fast-loading, low content pages to be exact) to browse. i'm not even used to having 0 mail messages at all.

this is nuts.

yes i bought i book, i haven't started reading it because i thought it's unfair to start with it without finishing the other one. and for the sake of reading almost heaven i have to go through neil gaiman's version of armaggedon first. looks like i have to go through hell before i get to heaven... and if by some grace you actually got that unintended should-be-humorous pun, why, thank you.

i have 8 multicolored gel pens and they've been sitting on the table with an incomplete artwork for days. i got lazy. that's all. and it's been plaguing me. i'm not a fan of routine but i'm not a fan of endless bumming either which will eventually become a routine if i don't do anything about it.

i seriously couldn't move without money. i wanted to go out but i always had to take the money factor. i don't even have enough money to cover the fare and besides, where will i go? it sucks not being in school for it also meant not having your allowance.

and what will i do when i get my allowance? i'll save some and spend some on the things i should be prioritizing... the starbucks tumbler and gc i promised for instance. if there's a way i could haggle the item down, i would love to, but i'm not really in the mood for one on one talks with my seniors. <<<<<< ya proly wudunt get tha.

ok, i just need money that's all.
i emptied my wallet for yesterday's tithes, i was even hesitating but i ended up doing the 'sacrifice' anyway. wouldn't be a sacrifice in the first place if i'm having my allowance,ayt?


ola, something great's bound to happen.
ya jas hafta weyt.

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