HAPPY 1,000th ENTRY TO ME!!!

wow! imagine! i've made a thousand entries already! mygaaaah, i could turn this into a book na! there's enough stories told anyway. wahahaha

i'm really happy this day.
not because of this entry but because of something else. ♥ my crush texted me! so it's still valid, you know, after all... i thought i'm done crushing over him when scool ended but then, when i checked my phone awhile ago and saw his name on my inbox... my heart leapt instantly! parang pinagtaksilan ako ng puso ko, hahaha ang utak nga naman o, might outwit you for a while pero given the right stimuli, the heart will prevail parin (wth am i talking about!). grabe, i'm learning a lot ha. ang dami pa lang totoo sa mga clique! lol

grabe! define instant! pangalan pa lang nya yun ha, haven't read the message yet. i'ver never felt my heart thump like that in months, lol. just to see his name in my inbox is already enough cos i know the message isn't personal anyway. pero alam nyo yun? it's something that doesn't happen everyday! really unexpected. and i sort of lost my composure pa, gosh, took me a few minutes to recover. hindi ako maka-concentrate sa pinapanuod ko (dvd of Lovers). omaygaaa....hahaha

i cherish unexpected messages from unexpected people a lot. kaya kayo rin! when i send you messages (refers to people in my phonebook), cherish it! especially quotes cos i never go unli just to send quotes... usually when a message cracks me up, i forward it to only a few people (para hindi sayang, ako lang tumawa eh haha)... and i don't have distribution lists pa so special talaga! i pick my receipients one by one! the hassle, pare! kaya nga i hardly forward anything hahahaha.

siguro when i change my phone, i'll utilize the distribution lists feature to the max! e kasi naman, it's so hard to pick people one by one! and i don't have that feature (like in nokia) na when you type the name in the phonebook, the contact will appear! ako, todo scroll! super hirap pa kasi when i want to send to ate ganito, i have to go through a lot of ate's (mga sis) haha, same goes when i want to send something to kuya ganito, ang dami ring kuya (mga brods naman). haay ewan.

ok, so napapalayo nanaman ako.
wala naman talagang topic eh. hahaha

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