change of blog address...

i wanna change my blog address. T___T; melodia04 is more of a username than a blog address. i want something that works as both. and besides, i've used that name for years, and it's so tied up with my real name. hehe

i like my blog title as it is. it came from a beetles's song actually, i don't remember. i first encountered it when i was so curious about backmasked songs. i found this website which features a couple of songs with part of their lyrics revealing subliminal messages when backmasked... one of these is a beetles song and part of the lyrics were, 'indistinguishable gibberish'... if i recall correctly the bmasked message was 'paul (referring to mccartney) is a dead man. miss him,miss him,miss him.'

but then, if i change my address... would that mean a new blog for me? ohyes. and i've grown so much fond of this blog because of... of the ARCHVIES!!! hahaha i've been here for tooo long. haaay

MY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER LATER!! i'm sorry i wasn't able to invite everyone, it's supposed to be a bonding activity for the four of us (michi,karlita,larz and i) but i gathered... the more the merrier! i hope laura would come!!!! i miss them so much!

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