people who make the most sense to me

this isn't supposed to be a flattering entry because i'm going to describe people whom i know personally, along with some celebrities (oh, it's just 1 lang pala hehe) whom i think fits in the title.

before that, i just want to let out this slightly unnerving, not to mention -petty, little thing i decided to dwell upon for minutes. we have this catholic calendar and it's only now that i noticed that every day is marked with feast days of different saints... there's the whole lent season for march, st. martin de porres for the 3rd of november, st. ronald murialdo for today, and the holy trinity for yesterday. i didn't really think there are enough saints to fill the whole year with feast days. but then when i checked birthday, for the vanity of it, it only said 33rd Sunday Ordinary time. ordinary time, i sighed. my 18th birthday, according to the roman catholic calendar marks just an ordinary time. or maybe i don't know what 'ordinary time' meant? apart for the impression it gives me that it's just your ordinary 'ordinary time'... i couldn't think of anything else to alleviate the jadedness of it.

and now on to the people who make the most sense to me

i could thoroughly judge if a book made enough sense to me but i can't always relay that information and judge the author by that as well. but you see, Neil Gaiman is something.

maybe he struck me with his humor and unintended puns in writing, but for the most part... his explanations of things, mostly random, just made a lot of sense. it's like when he explains it, 'aaaah, i didn't know such simple explanation could go without any loopholes'.

i seek for people who make a habit of not complicating things. because biased as i may sound, they're always the best people to open up to. people who would interrogate you with the simplest questions and draw interpretations that strikes straight to home. they are good listeners, at the same time gives sensible advices. these people are more logical than analytical, i've gathered. and even though being analytical saves you more time in school, it doesn't save you from life much more than it did for your grades.

well you know, my standards are not well structured as i only base it from the way i spend time with them to just TALK. and you know what i've found?

A LOT OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE. and it's surprising me.

well, i have this friend whom i became really close to when we were in junior high. to me she's one of those people who makes a looooot of sense (sorry! i can't rephrase it well enough to sustain meaning). i enjoyed talking to her back then (not that it changed yknow), we have so many ideas, and i can openly talk to her about anything under the sun, even if it's weird. i feel like she'd become a good psychologist because she's quite observant too. in fact, she likes to observe! and i think that's one of the things that broadends her image of life.

there's another person too, she's a batch older than i am but we became quite close during my sophomore year in highschool, we also became clubmates for 2 years. many times we would just sit on the benches at the parking lot waiting for our fetches and just talk... be anime freaks, discuss about fics, and delve further into trivial things about life.

i wonder. i love talking with people who are very open about life and it's complex simplicity. it's meant to be an oxymoron, but i find balance in such words. and i also figured that the reason why i consider these people as such is because at some point, we actually share the same brainwaves.

so to soothe myself because i'm about to close my mind into thinking that the only people who make sense to me are those people i've talked to about deep matters... i imagine myself talking to some people whom i'm not realy close to. i image myself talking to a certain batchmate who is always bubbly and funny, talking about problematic stuff and petty things. and in that scene that i made up, i realized it's not hard to draw her into talking seriously, and quite simply too (given that they're not too proud about themselves). in fact, most of the people i imagined actually makes 'sense' naman pala.

but there are some that doesn't, no matter how hard i try to keep things at pace.

sometimes, i just don't understand myself. maybe i'm thinking too fast for my hands? but that's the purpose of a blog, it's not exactly your space in the web where you can freely let everything out. it happens to me most of the time, that i try to condense my thoughts, even though i practically mention everything i do here, because my mind's just too fast for my typing hands... it results to me just sort of clustering things up in a single notion. it's not healthy to give everything away, anyway. but i still blog a lot and do tremendously long entries. i doubt if i have a regular reader who can actually keep up with the frequency of my reports. in fact, i am searching for that sole -yeah, even just 1- reader who visits my blog regularly... i have my ways, i'm tabulating the datas already :) --aaaah, i'm always in a constant need to flatter myself.

hello. sense. where are you. i'm confused.
i think i'm better off called the mistress of incoherency.

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