so many great great artists out there!

scouting for inspiration at i've been pretty much enthused to draw more and more! i'm getting into (i mean, fascinated with) abstract patterns and really, uh, idisnahignbliutse sutff. hehe.

we'll be going out later to buy some err, clothes and a gift for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. lemme see, it's just the 3rd wedding i've attended whataloser. and i've never been a participant in any of them. oh, i remember once... i was asked to play the piano at the reception of one of my cousin's weddings. i was around grade 3 or 4 then, i was really reluctant to go upstage and perform. my name is even part of the recemption program proper as 'intermission'.

so what i did, because i'm such a coward i don't wanna disgrace the ocassion with my wobbly hands... i ditched the reception and wandered somewhere in the hotel with one of my younger cousins who is as willing to get out of the place as i am. we sat by the guards, played by the fountain and just waited until we think they've forgotten little miss arianne who's supposed to play the piano for the newly wed.

my parents never brought up the incident afterwards. they must've understand that i'm just a kid, a shy kid, who got lost on her way to the reception hall. that could've been a nice excuse.

so, i have to prepare now.
later, i guess. :)

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