dear Lord.

still no progress with my systemone account. i'm still 1 unit below the normal student load. and i still have 2 pending subjects on waitlist and i'm #1 on both of them?!?! how come nobody cancels his slot yet?!? fckdmmt! i need I.T. yaaah. that frkn information technology shiz. i need it to get at least 17 units. i'm not counting on the other subject anymore, which is chem32, because i doubt anyone would cancel his slot there. >___>; well if all else fails, then i have to prerog!!! i don't even know how to, dmmt, i have to pay another trip to elbi just for that. >___>;; at least my sister's with me, she has to prerog on a thesis subject even though she already has 18 units. hohoho

heeey, is it just me or i'm actually receiving committee updates from the org? if i'm not mistaken, because their msgs aren't really personalized, i'm part of the financial committee. hay. not that i don't want to. i'm guess i'm too lazy for its demands, however, i remember during our reporting period that i always wanted to be part of the fincom, and now that i'm one... should i feel giddy? >__>;; haha, i don't know. fine, i'm fincom. time to pay my fees. hohoho

honestly though. and i'm sorry if one of my orgmates gets to read this one. now that kat's going on LOA, i don't think i could face the org with much enthusiasm (not that i'm showing enough enthusiasm before). she's like, my best friend, my ever companion. i can't do without her. i don't really have a lot of close friends. canyoubelieveit?!? i'm getting beneath the social ladder with i'm with the org. i'm not very friendly, really. and i hate it that i became batch leader because generally i hate responsibilities that involves working around with people i'm not close to. hahaha, i feel so alien. anyway. i'll just do my part. to hell with my insecurities. just don't don't take away my weekends pretty please!

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