i got bored reading good omens, not because i'm merely experimenting if sci-fi's my thing (i figured i'm more of a romance novel geek), but mainly because i've been getting nasty headaches these days. i want to finish it, seriously, because i adore neil gaiman's wit and hilarious puns and his books are those types of books i wouldn't want to speed read because i want to absorb the whole book. no wonder it's taking me gazzilion years to finish.

i asked yndi for recommendations aside from whitney my love, i haven't told her i already read the book. so far she gave me three promising titles and i'm just aching to go to national bookstore to grab just one!!! but you know, it's still the money that's stopping me from enjoying my geekdom!

huhu. ate sheryl (along with a friend) is going to spend monday night here in our house! hehe! wow sleepover! ayos! hahaha and probably on friday, the alleged walang tulugan slumber party with karlita, larz, michi plus others who might wanna join too will push through!

lol, buti na lang there's something called house party, at least it saves money diba? haha

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