bringing back the new freshman scent

i checked the empty bottle of my very first college perfume, white musk from body shop. i remember searching for that musky smell ever since larz introduced it to me back in 2nd yr highschool, and it's only two years ago that i was able to find it. i shelled out like, 1300 bucks just to get that enthralling scent! it's my favorite scent! and now, i want to bring it back. perhaps purchase the cologne version hehe at least it's slightly cheaper than the frkn eu de toilet. :) grabe, i reminisced a lot when the scent coursed through my nerves. hahaha

i wanna bring back my NF (new freshman) days because it's probably the most decent among the 3 semesters i stayed in the university. :)
so yeah, haha gotta earn money for that. >____>;;

hekhekhek! LOVERS!!!! haha kinikilig na ako!! wahaha, ok... gwapo na si Jared sa paningin ko! at lalong gumwapo si Christian nung nakikipagsuntukan na sha hahahaha :D ang astig talaga ng mga lalaking marunong makiramble... at nananalo! hahaha

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