done with the first book.

sweet. i'm still in a state of hangover. apparently, it's not enough that i finish the first book, specially that i know there're still 2 sequels waiting to be read. 3 days man, if i had a hardcopy of it, i could've finished it in one sitting but because i'm only reading it through pdf, i have to be merciful enough to my eyes. breaks are nice, it reminds me of things i ought to do aside from reading... like for once, take a bath. i always forget my daily routine when im faced with a good book. a romantic one that leaves my inside fluttering of amusement. hay. too bad it's done.

well, not really.

there's still New Moon and Eclipse. rumor also has it that a fourth book will be released soon with the title Breaking Dawn. i can't wait to get my hands on it. uhh, not literally though, now that i know i can save a lot by just downloading it and having it printed here. hehe. i've always been a pirate. owyeh. and it's just recently that such alternative dawned on me so i'm crossing my fingers on it.

now i'm partly convincing myself that i should quit being so dreamy about stuff that i know won't happen (ie. having a vampire as a boyfriend). but there's a good part in there, i always know it won't happen that's why i continue dreaming about it. no risks at all. safe enough for an argument? i'm trying not to let the world hurt me. it's always safe to just fantasize, though i know it won't get me anywhere. but that's the point, it's never safe 'anywhere'. so for the meantime, or for as long as edward cullen is still fresh in my thoughts, i'll stay put.

dmtwtdfck. i can't think straight.
and i'm terribly sorry for bombarding this day with a lot of entries. it's pretty obvious i'm online the whole day. wuhoo.

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