11 8210 spells dead fantasy

as much as this day spells our last power memory sessions. i swear, even though i was cursing my parents for breaking my bumming habits this summer AT FIRST, eventually the alleged punishment for my scholastic downfall became, after all, a GIFT!

i learned so much and my memory skills improved, dramatically! halelujah! i feel more confident to retake microbiology just to prove that i learned something cool this summer that would help me ace the blasted subject.

we retook the diagnostic test... we were given the same sets of tables to memorize in 8 minutes overall. that's 80 random objects plus 200 random numbers arranged in two separate tables.

well, it is expected, of course that we do better... and i did! thank you Lord!! last time i roughly memorized around 17 items but now i got 40! yeaaah...

and with the numbers... man i suck, but last time i think i got 24 numbers correctly, compared to now... i guess i got 40 numbers right. well, compared to the 200 items we're supposed to cram into our minds in 4 minutes, hey, that's relatively good enough.

and the techniques are so comfortable to use it suits everyone!!!

now i'm excited to use it to memorize the functional organic groups!!! yehey for that.

but i'm thinking... i still have a grade of 4 in chem40... and something's telling me that i could just drop it and ask the college to make it a 5 w/o taking the removals so that i'd be given the subject next sem. but anyway, i wanna practce discipline with myself.


hey, i'm back to geekdom!! unless, my parents enroll me in a driving school! waw! exciting!! wooooh!

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