contemplating on the switch (a biased wordpress vs. blogger entry)

i've made an account in wordpress yet again with the same username. i'll leave it there for keeps though i haven't planned on blogging in it... what's pulling me back from making the switch is the fact that i have to ADJUST a lot. i heard there's no WYSWYG editor in wordpress? and i'm very keen on updating my layout, above everything else. and wait, i have this feeling that wordpress is for more decent writers... which makes me want to stick with blogger more because i'm really informal, most of the time.

what more, i'm speaking out of bias of course since i haven't really tried wordpress for real... on the other hand, i'm learning from the lots of blogger vs. wordpress articles i've gathered from the search engine too, so i'm really contemplating hard.

i've grown an 'attachment' to this blog already. imagine, i've been lurking here, pouring my life out for almost 4 years and mind you...I'M A REGULAR UPDATER! though if you care to notice i went on a 2 month hiatus years back just to see if i can actually contain myself from excessive blogging.

wordpress is for geeks, i've gathered. blogger is best for beginnners. yeah. and you know, blogger is just so big being tied-up with google so its management is sure to be imposing helpful changes with a tick from its users. feature-wise blogger has been trying its best to provide the blog necessities though i feel it's catering more to Personal blogs than those with Professional articles (which i deem more fit to find a decent repose at wordpress). well, hmmm... wordpress on the hand has an impressive list of plug-ins that i could hardly see in blogger!!! i want blogger to adopt that, really. another thing i want blogger to have that wp has, static pages! to make blogs look more professional and hosted-like.

if you've notices, i had my own attempt of making static pages for my archives/links/about me though quite honestly, they're just backdated entries.

overall, blogger is more customizeable because of it's WYSWYG editor though the problem here is that it gives users too much freedom that they start to overlook their HTML already and just gets free layouts from unsecure sites with ugly coding! i'm sorry, generally blogger leaves it on the part of the user to decide on having an ugly layout (most common with young users). on the other hand, i've never seen an ugly wordpress blog. though template editing is limited only to premade layouts, at least it's asure-shot clean and validated one. wordpress acquired a reputation on it already, you know.

but whatever. i just thought of switching because i think blogger is too crowded already...

but then you know... i might not be able to move on after all.

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