my HERO!

it has been a great day! thanks karlita,michi,larz and lau for coming! hahaha i owe you a lot for introducing TVXQ to me. well, most of the credit actually goes for introducing me to *drumroll please* MY HERO ~ Jae Joong. XD well, there goes a fangirl squeal. XDDDDD

(uhh, no pictures for now. too tired...T__T hehe soon on my multiply na lang)

oh, another OTP has been made HEROxMAX! hahaha

here's what happened, so 4 of my friends came, but only two went overnight (karlita & michi). hahahaaaay. we ate, watched My Boss My Hero (which is a very hilarious japenese series. oh! another pairing - MAKIOxSAKURA-something [both guys hehe]), then watched lots of TVXQ stuff (MVs, short films, concert tours, variety shows etc.)

man, you wouldn't know how hard i 'fell' for these guys... well, Hero is my favorite guy... followed by Max (after all, they're my new found OTP). i feel different. it's like those days when i fantasize about Mike He coming to a special mall tour here in the Philippines to meet and greet his fans. i dream of getting acquainted to him in a memorable way that he'd want to marry me and bring me to Taiwan! crazy, really. but i'm starting to feel that way again.

like in 2nd year highschool, i was so 'in love' with Tony Sun of 5566 that i didn't attend our Soph's Night just to be there in his mall tour! yeah, they actually came to the Philippines and i was like, OMG!!! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO SEE HIM FOR REAAAALL!!!and i did! though we weren't personally acquainted with each other and not any of my dreamy tales came true, i was able to get him authograph naman! and pictures too! it was crazy, really.

like, we hold GAs for real! i got my own ID and T-Shirt and Pin and gosh, i was so excited back then and proud too! like,

'HEEEEEY! i'm a member of the oficial 5566 fansclub in the phils, and we are backed-up by Regent and Universal Records!' hahaha those were the days.

i've grown enough to realize that celebrity crushes don't last. no matter how hard you believe it's going to and that fate has its ways of intertwining your reluctant paths.

hahaha, anyway. i'm getting off track. lol

oh yeah, we drank too! karlita brought these super nice vodka cruisers with equally super nice flavors!! honestly (and you've got to believe me on this), i wasn't drunk!
i've never been drunk, i'm just normally that way. diba? lalo na pag barkada shempre. hahaha


FYI: i'm really bad at saying directions verbally (promise, this is not an excuse). i have problems distinguishing my left from my right hand. larz, i'm so sorry for your parents. i hope they didn't think i'm a bad influence to you and that we should quit seeing each other. huhuhu

woooooh! the next morning...breakfast breakfast, watch watch, padeliver sa McDo, watch Rob-B-Hood (which is a really nice movie that got me flooding my shirt with tears hehe)... and finally. hehe

after everyone has gone...
eto, net. hahaha

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