what a brutal enlistment procedure

probably the mainstream statement of elbizens for this week (could be a hundred times worse under an exeptionally creative mind). i never really had problems with online enlistment before, i was always given enough units for the sem but this time i guess luck was lagging behind, or maybe i am lagging behind luck. the 08s are so effin lucky. they got full load! all of them! yeah, but it serves them right anyway. hahaha

i only got 5 units on my preliminary schedule. good thing they loaded my recommended courses with aceptable subjects. i just love variety. oh, thank you Lord, i have enlisted another subject. yehey. 8 units now!

i just have to hate those people who got full load this sem. what are they, s1 favorites? people who have large political ties with the geek working behind s1's seemingly stupid algorithms? i'm not supposed to bash the person you know, but i guess my raging nerves permit me to act really childish on this matter.

i guess their reason behind making things brutally impossible for us is they want us to value our frkn schedules, our subjects, our courses, and of course our tuition fees. i will now, thankyouverymuch.

plus, i'm #1 on all the subjects i waitlisted to! yehey! well, it's not worth a celebration but i'm happy. really happy. and the most credit goes to...

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
now i want my own vampire, my own Edward Cullen ♥

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