fangirling also has its good side

err.. meet Kim Jae Joong, whom i prefer to call Hero for comfort. hehe he's the one i've been fangirling much about these past few days... well, since friday night, that is. :)

currently listening to: Balloons - DBSK
i swear, when i get to elbi, i'll download the MV of that song and copy the choreography. wahahahah come on, i can't dance but whatever. i'll do it for Hero. lol

more so, i've been eyeing this cutie from Lovers (korean drama)... he plays as Christian, Jared's loyal side-kick. he's a gangster there, but he doesn't look like one... in fact he's the most good-looking bloke among the goons... yeah, include Jared here. though you know, i'm starting to appreciate Jared's charm for being a soft-hearted gangster-bastard, his tough demeanor in the series clearly compensates for his lack of first-glance-good-looks. :)

but i'm still for Christian you know. hehe

yeah. that's more like it ♥

PS: i practically went WEH?! when i read that Lee Han has a GAY movie called No Regret (2006) where he starred as a gay guy hitting on a gay prostitute.

i think i should watch it. lol

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