you know how hard it is to fangirl two fandoms at the same time?
actually, it's not hard. and even if it should be, as long as it makes me happy, it's worth it.

i'm fangirling over Edward Cullen and EunJae*

and because i think i bored you enough about my dear edward already, lemme introduce to you to EunJae. it's actually short for Eun Ho and Jae Joong, both members of TVXQ/DBSK. and you know, just like that, they became my favorite TVXQ love team. they're not an item in reality though, but they grant some fanservice once in a while. by now, i think you should drop questioning my abnormal fancy for male couples, because i have nothing to explain. some people are too dimwitted to understand.

apparently though, i'm not a fan of pic-spamming. i keep my entries word filled for the most part, in fact i know it's boring but i'm too lazy to upload pics because i have a tendency to open photoshop and do some refurbishing, i don't just post pics as is. >___>;

i would love it if i can pay a visit to UPLB right now because i want to check our apartment and get my ebooks printed. i'm restraining the urge to read them from the computer because i want to enjoy them in my hands, as a real book. haaay.

enough for this day.

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