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whoever said the command prompt is boring? lo and behold, i've just unearthed an important relic from our start menu... *deep voice enter* THE COMMAND PROMPT. at first i thought it's a useless program that's set to bore you to death with it's super dull interface...

until i learned how to use it
(or at least learned some it's functions)

SORRY, THIS IS SO GEEKY: you have been warned.

i can't remember my very first encounter with cprompt because all i ever did was write words, intelligible enough for me, foreign enough to it.

CPrompt is a big snob.
try greeting it a warm HELLO and you'll get a really unsolicited answer, something like..

'HELLO' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

so you drop off with firsthand greetings and type in COMMANDS, as the program name implies...

(pardon my idiocy, i was never courteously acquainted to CPrompt)

try typing in SIT, ROLL, TUMBLE OVER or if you've gone anxious, DIE!
and you'll get the same snarky, frigid automated line.

that's about the time i got to my senses and closed the bastarded program. i never had difficulties learning how programs work. usually they'll have a help button in the toolbar to guide me out of my stupidity once i get in a bad hitch. but CPrompt has none. or maybe i just don't know how to command it into helping me.

but anyway. one day in the dormitory, hana (hello hana!) taught me how to debug a directory. sortoflike identifying viruses without an anti-virus (which doesn't really come in handy, i've lost faith in most av's... they always leave our pc crashing)... it was really simple.

and from then on, interest grew.
in fact, i'm enjoying debugging individual folders manually. heck! like i have something more interesting to do!

w/c reminds me, i hafta read Almost Heaven now! ;)

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