happy mother's day! ♥


haaay. i'm really tired you know. our slumber party exhausted me, plus i got this super bad cough and dry throat, it's killing me! can't sleep well.

i'm fantasizing about Hero. but quite honestly, he's too thin. hehe

- this morning we went to church
- lunch at yoshi
- went home
- slept
- had a really good dream*
- woke up for dinner
- now i'm here...

i dreamt of my crush (yung last sem). haha, can't remember the story really. actually, i dreamt a lot pagod pa ko eh... and they're all nice because they're romantic haha but i can't remember anything... yung crush ko lang naalala ko kasi sha lang kilala ko personally. hehe is that something good?

while in yoshi pala i thought i saw him (referring to crush), kasi parehas na parehas yung built nila... though i dismissed all hopes when i saw the guy with a cute little girl whom i figured was his child... and when i saw his face, hindi naman eh. siguro namiss ko lang sya. hehehe

gusto ko ng cake pero damn, i'm super fat na eh.

HEROOOO!!! ♥ ♥

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