orange overload!

this layout's dominantly orange :)
i used my most recent artwork as the header and footer (if you'll only scroll further down) and just, edited stuff. :) pretty much the same with the horizontal navbar thingy, i wanna leave it like that and loooki! haha, SUPER THICK BORDER! yeah, i'm making a statement here! SUPER THICK BORDERS ROCK!!! i never thought they'll suit this blog right hehe.

if you've noticed, i hid the blogger navbar. i need the space up there, and it looked like an eyesore to me so i have to get it poof-then-gone. i kinda miss it though. :( hehehe

i can't believe it's already FRIDAY. i'm always one day behind, and i only realized it now, when i checked the calendar. life's running by pretty fast. >___>; whew! keep up!

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