have you seen that ferrari?

i changed my desktop! hehe, the wallpaper got me drooling you know. it's a ferrari, i'm not sure what exactly but i don't care! i usually don't, as long as it appeals to me, i'm game. :) i don't even care if it looks manly, whoever said girls don't have the right to display cars on their desktop? i'm not car-fancy though (but when get to drive i'd probably get myself a bit savvy)... i'm specifically ferrari-crazed. it started with the logo, then to the lux and racing cars... but mostly, it's still the logo.

oh yeah, it also captures my favorite windows media player skin... :)

i've been listening to Josh Groban's album, Closer, the whole day. it makes me feel aliiiivvveeeee!!

i'm kinda happy too because a lot of people are now noticing and giving me credit for my style of drawing. i personally think it's unique but i haven't got much exposure. :)

anywaaaaaay, to restrain my violent urges to continue reading book two of twilight (because i can't recover from the hang-over), i'm gonna read Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught first. it's unfair how my attention was immediately sweeped over to twilight when i was just starting Almost Heaven. i have to make ammends and give justice to the book. :) it's interesting too, but you know. damn you edward for making me do endless babbles like this. like i have done a serious crime to a BOOK.

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