never been in love like this

i'm drawing henna designs on my hand again. same stuff... hehe. :) i'm also listening to Josh Groban's album - Closer. i love it! i think i've become more sensitive to songs these days, i try to grasp the lyrics and immerse myself in the pool of emotions it tries to relay to the listeners. if it's foreign, like latin, i reflect on the melody. it always works, i always end up mesmerized. i couldn't get enough of the feeling. especially now that i'm getting inspired to write again.

i'm 60 pages close to finishing my ebook of twilight. and yesterday when i paused to write something, a story perhaps, it was unbelievable how i was able to fill a page without so much as a writer's block. but then, as soon as i got over the incredible influx of words, i stopped writing and resumed reading.

that's how you call it.
and i never thought it could be closely related to love.
i am in love! in love with Edward Cullen's character.

it's really fascinating, the way the book took so much effect on me. i've never been in love with a real guy, or so i thought, but this book made me dream, made me hope for my own edward, regardless of his being a vampire. you see, it's driving me crazy, how i'm giving more consideration into being betrothed to a vampire than a human. i want to feel protected, like Bella. find someone who gathers all his willpower to restrain himself from unleashing his own monster in front of the girl he loves. isn't that romantic and utterly dramatic? could end up traggic too, oh no.

i knew it. it's always more pleasant to read romance novels because it plays so much on the most coveted human emotion.

owdammit. i don't know what'll happen to me after finishing Twilight.
after finishing New Moon.
after finishing Eclipse.

that's not gonna last me till December in time for the Twilight movie premiere!
i can't imagine my life then.

oh, i almost forgot... there'll always be schoolwork to keep me busy.

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