soulmate search part II

i was in 2nd year highschool when i first bought the silly superstition about the vox beetle counting. do you remember that? you count 50 beetle cars and you take note the color of the 50th car you find. then whoever asks you about the time wearing the same color is your 'soulmate', per se.

during the first time i did it, the 50th car i saw is color blue and is parked in front of a bungalow somewhere in BF subdivision. i was walking to my friend's house that day. and you know, days after... someone did ask me about the time. and it also happened that this person is wearing blue. can you believe it? it was pretty weird, blue shirt, blue shorts and freakin blue slippers. how could it get anymore credible than that?

it could've been good, already. problem is, that person is a GIRL. whaaaattt?!?!? and we're not really close, though i call her by her nickname because that's how she introduced herself to me. we were schoolmates and she's a batch older than i am. wtf, really. it's silly on my part to expect meeting my soulmate in the most uncompromising environment. in an exclusive catholic school. and with that, i discarded the thought to oblivion, also trying to calm myself because i'm getting paranoid about it. i shouldn't have counted 50 fckn volkswagen beetles like it's the key to my nonexistent love life. i am not a lesbian, huhuhuhuhu.

LOL those were the days, aye? i was so scared of considering the gruesome possibities that i may actually be more attracted to girls than guys, sht that is so abnormal. but honestly, friends, during those years, i really preferred girls. i can still remember my stupid obsession over shane mccrutcheon of 'the L word'. haha, minus points! good thing i went to college. it's all about straightening my hormones, yeah.

but whoever said that your soulmate has to be part of the opposite sex? it's not like you're destined to marry each other. yuck. it's a shame i only realized that now.

and so, i vowed one day to repeat the process. and i did. and earlier this day when we're driving to batangas, i saw the 50th car -- according to my mental tally-sheet which could still prove to be unreliable because when i saw car #51, then #52, 53 and 54.. my brain went berserk!! is my counting right? didn't i miss a number or something? what if car #50 should really be car #51 or #49 [basing on the possible errors i may have committed in counting]

I WOn'T BE ABLE TO FIND MY SOULMAAAATE! why are there so many effin beetles in the philippines?!?! why didn't i just close my eyes and ignore the streets when we've ran past the 50th car?!?! dmmtdmtt

:)even so, i won't reveal the color (or colors, HOMG!) yet hahaha. let 'fate' conspire, or whatever it is that needs to. :D hehehe

oh, i don't even have a watch yet hahaha

PS. i know this (my bragging about looking for a soulmate) is utterly ridiculous. i, myself think so. haha, but because it could prove to be fun and is one heck of a stupid story (which i'm good at narrating), it's always worth a cover.

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