why i quit planning for my debut

1) the hassle, pare! even though it's still quite early to plan about it now, i don't want to bother myself with the preparations

2) the cost! the cheapest debut package i saw is 40,000. that's a good deal already, the most expensive debut i attended probably cost more or less 200,000 (excluding the CAR she got on that day). and that 40k worth of debut will be set in aberdeen court's (great eastern hotel) biggest ballroom. my parents are close on pouncing on the deal but i told then, naaaaah, not there... for crying out loud.

3) 18 roses? my guy friends live far far away... and the time of my debut is clipped between our semestral break so most probably my dear guy friends are off in their provinces, chilling. and also, i don't think my guy friends list would reach 18, i don't want some people to think i just called some guys to fill in the empty spots...even though we're not close. in short, i don't have a lot of close guy friends.

4) i'm too shy to take everyone's attention. i'm not used to the limelight. i don't want to be the 'most beautiful' girl, even on my birthday. i don't want to wear an ostentatious gown. i don't want to dance, i'm too clumsy for that. when i'm wearing heels, i can't walk a flat surface without finding something to trip over.

and lastly

5) it's not really what i want for my 18th birthday. i'd rather treat my friends pizza and beer, after all i'm the last one to turn legal in the group. then do a mock debut! i hate being traditional, i want my own 18 shots and 18 pizza slices. hahaha 18 thousand pesos would be utterly great.

but you know, at this point in time, it's really more practical to shove off with a blasted 18th bday experience and just do more charity.

in lieu of presents, you can always give me money instead. hehehe
why don't you take a look at my WISHLIST? hehehe :)

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