watches from mcdo

tita rosita gave us a lot of mcdo freebies! haha, dunno where she got it but she gave 10 watches from mcdo. it was... unexpected, i didn't even know mcdo has them. if it's part of a happy meal, i wasn't aware but it says on the tin case that it's for adults so whatever. at least we have tons of watches, they're digital and they don't have batteries yet. hehe :)

i'm starting to get the hang of Almost Heaven now. :) manly men are so attractive, aren't they? and dmmt, edward! his memory is still so fresh. but i'm doing well with my semi-vow not to read New Moon until i've finished Almost Heaven. hehe, good thing AH is some kind of a good read so i'm enjoying my abstinence for all things Twilight.

bwahahaha, come on Lord! let it be December noooowww!

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