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you can't stop me with this! i just finished reading an in-progress fic from ffnet (which hasn't been updated since 2004 - pretty much like mine! haha) and i'm really touched. hahahaha i just came across it accidentally because a reader dropped me a review saying that one of my fics sounds like another fic by this certain author. and so i went to the page of the author and saw that, bloody indeed, we almost have the same summary. T___T;

i couldn't have taken into account what she's not-accusing me of, but i'm not guilty whatsoever. the similarities may be there, but i didn't copy it. i swear. :) so anyway, that author was great, all of her fics are great. the one someone thought i copied has garnered 1,000+ reviews for 11 chapters already! and mine's only got 200 reviews for 11 chaps (the last one being a thank you chapter). she's really really great, so i was compelled to see her fics, one of which is a dazzling (but a frkn cliffhanger) tale of Harry being a journalist who wants to get a scoop from Malfoy. :)

it's been months since i decided i would read fics. most of the compositions i see now lack 'something'.. yknow, some factor i've included in my own standards of fanfics worth-reading. and i'm quite disappointed i had to go through the archives to get a good one. >____>;

i wanna write, but i want to make sure my grammar is fixed before i go publishing crapwork. it always boils down to my inadequate knowledge of grammar. wtf. and if i wanted to write for real, like burn my ass over unupdated fics, i should have a LAPTOP already! and a lot of free time, coffee and good grades to compensate.

but since i haven't got any of those. imma stick to fixin my friggin life instead and act like a 'student', for once.

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