ifex @ smx (MoA)

quite an eventful day. hehehe. we went to church this morning and headed to mall of asia after to witness the IFEX (international food exhibition). actually, we were just invited by one of mom's friends, who happen to be a retail exhibitor there with the stall name 'Pamana Ni Ka Mila'. they manufacture nipa food products and other organic supplements as well and my mom is so cheerful about it because she loves anything 'organic'. hehehe, they own a 6 hectare nipa plantation in bulacan which is so cool because they offer educational tours for free and man, i am just so intrigued on how they process such products! they even have a thesis about it made by thomasian graduates and dmmt, it was my first time to actually read a thesis book... because i never really thought i had to. and i felt happy because finally! i'm building interest with stuff related to my course. hahaha

however, the exhibition isn't free. you have to pay 100 php to register (pero sulit parin, if ever!). luckily though, mom's friend (mrs. enriquez i guess) gave (well, lent) us free passes! hehehe they were exhibitor passes though and we only utilized it for a while cos we have to return it to the 'legitimate' exhibitors. hehe

pero ang saya! the hall is sooo big and there were hundreds of exhibitors! the best part was actually the loads of FREE TASTES that we got! lol. mga patay gutom nga naman! as in, waaaaaah! ang daming foooooood! sa sobrang dami, busog na busog na kami ni terai! haha bitin pa nga e... (ok, so nag-tagalog na ko!) i had 2 cups of free coffee, lots of candies, biscuits, sardinas, bacon, tuna sandwich, sansrival, banana chips, boy bawang, fita, cubee, ahahahahaha define! my favorite though was the brazilian 3in1 coffee... grabeng langit ito.

but then, our parents called us na. they need the passes na kasi so my sister and i reluctantly made our way to their stall. awww... ang sad, and we couldn't roam around without a pass becauase there are men in barongs with walkie talkies checking up on people without passes and shoving them out of the hall. huhuhu... but anyway, we got by with a lot of sneaking. gosh, pati CR kailangan lagyan ng strategy because may guard! haynaku talaga we were so tensed, and we had to avoid a lot of places for the fear of being caught. nakaka-nerbyos, having to walk around like that and turn to your heel at the sight of a guy in white with one black earphone on connected to a wakie talkie clipped at his belt. grabe, parang ewan lang. hahaha

so yun. masaya naman. nakakapagod! haha

we tried to find the book twilight by stephanie meyer sa nat'l bookstore, fully booked and powerbooks pero wala kaming nakita. huhuhu. dibale, pa print ko lang sa elbi at ipa soft bind... mas mura pa! hahaha :)


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