still for archuleta

even though he lost this season of AI, i know he'll still make it big. like duh? i'm not a fan of AI in general, in fact the first AI episode i watched was last night, the Final 2 showdown. i was just compelled to watch because everyone seems to talk about it, this season has become one of the most popular AIs ever.

anyway, david a. is still young and still has a lot to go! but it hurts me that he only won runner-up when he could've bagged the 1st place, performance-wise. well, there's the votes, what can i do. it somehow struck me hard when i heard he lost because i feel like i can't afford to see him crying! he's seems so delicate and fragile that i would never want to hurt him, even as a fan.

and just like that, i have to accept the fact that cook won. he's got more spunk, yeah, but that hardly turned me on cos to me he seemed too proud of himself. but whatever, congratulations david cook. :)

aw, don't be sad david a., you're still the real winner for me. :)

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