getting the hang of minesweeper

it's now my new favorite game! hahaha

as you've noticed, i've revamped my blog yet again, using the same header. i'm quite happy that finally i'm able to add horizantal navigation links using XML though what i'm fumbling about right now is how to incorporate my archives in a single blog entry so that i can index it right away and get rid of the awfully long list it makes on the sidebar. i'm trying to make this blog look like a website and not just a blog. hence i had to get hacks on adding a page element above the header. hehehe

so far, so good. what do you think? i haven't checked this yet in a different node -which is what i do to see if there are any misaligned elements. then i can proceed to validate this one. (ooops, 300+ errors! lol)

i'm kinda sick by the way. but i'm getting better, thank God. i thought i have to cancel this friday's sleepover, haaay, i don't want to! everytime i invite my friends over i always get sick when the date arrives. curse? haha wdthl.

i'm almost done reading good omens. sucks i really have no patience when it comes to sci-fi (or is it?), basta romance parin da best! hehe

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