getting the hang of minesweeper II

this is crazy! i never knew that's HOW you play minesweeper until it dawned on me that this is one of a hell similar to the other games i've played before. why didn't i learn of it way back when we were just familiarizing ourselves with xp? hahaha anyhow, i love minesweeper! yeahyeahyeah.

hehe, still the same! ALMOST done with good omens. it's so funny, i can barely get the plot right. lol. i dwell too much on the asterisks, they make really hilarious footnotes. and you don't always see footnotes in novels, ayt?

right! i'm almost forgetting i'm a romance novel freak.
i used to laugh (secretly of course) at this classmate of mine back in highschool because she seemed to be overwhelmingly absorbed with her books which happen to be judith mcnaughts and daniel steels. funny, really, i could just laugh at myself right now for being so mean to her (mentally), when back then, someone could just be laughing just as hard at me, for reading Coehlo religiously, every in-between periods, recess and dismissal time. well, isn't he the one of the wisest authors around? just as how judith mcnaught (or daniel steel) could be one of the most emotionally provoking authors of all time?

man, i really wouldn't know. it's unfair to call me a late bloomer for recognizing mcnaught's reign over superficial romance stories just now. hahaha

why do i have this urge to completely rid myself of a sidebar?
i feel the need of a wider, like 600px wide, space only for my entries and just chunk only the important sidebar contents on the horizontal navigation bar. but then, it's gonne be troublesome. hayhay.

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