grar i have to buy a new hard disk uhm, this week or tomorrow ashdbwtfeagksdhas. apparently, the ants i've been talking about months back finally took the dead beat. they killed PA-Q!!! >XO i arrived home and saw that there was a line of ants leading to the laptop and insiiiiide of it, causing it to not recognize the hard disk, which is like the fucking most importanting thing. files know. files. dengit. >:| i unscrewed some parts and lifed a few panels but there were stubborn and weird looking screws that won't budge so i had to ask daddy's help. my hero emerged with a handful of screws and he knows them all, there something like an allen wrench, philips screw, flat screw whatever. it's fascinating >8D then we were able to remove all the panels and clean the motherboard.

there were so many fucking ants! leche! after we've cleared it, it still won't start so we cleaned it further. daddy pulled out this (another surprising thing) contact cleaner from his toolbox and sprayed it all over the board, and into the holes and everything. it's an ultra volatile solution meant for cleaning electronic parts. elibs na elibs ako. hahaha the ants were irritated i guess cos a lot of them were running out of the laptop. the others naman died so kelangan taktakin yung laptop huhuhu. then finally, the source of all epalness of tonight, THE HARD DISK with super complicated screws.... was opened! after a lot of sweat and motivation, daddy finally unscrewed the thing and what came out were a loooooot of dead red ants. yun nga, binahayan ampotek!

i've read about this before eh, you don't let the ants die inside cos when the laptop overheats and they burn to death, it might cos a spark or something and damage the laptop. ayon. even with all the cleaning it still won't work. so replace na talaga. mga 2,500. ajgfddkjcfhsrlfd.

// meanwhile i'm still heavily crushing over greg. he is officially majorcrush 31. 31 meaning, 3rd yr, 1st tri. i forgot my naming convention hahaha basta ganun na yan.

// i have to put more effort in writing. effort meaning, try to write in an utterly unsuspicious way. i always forget this is a public diary. i shouldn't really care who reads this. i actually hate knowing who reads this. haha. pero minsan curious parin. >:)

// hm, it's really hard to involve yourself in other people's problemsss. sometimes i think sympathy and curiosity are often mixed up. there are people i'm just really curious about, but they end up thinking i'm concerned about them cos i stick withem and shit and cheer them up when they're down. it gets tiring in awhile, but you can't just say that diba. ayun. pagod na ko and it sucks cos i'm like, uhm, stuck. it's like regretting ever finding out classified information about someone and having them grow sortof an attachment to you kasi ikaw lang nakaka-alam and all, so there's no one they could run to when they're in a glitch. i'm not sayin i have a lot of friends like that or i always try to dig stuff that no one knows. masyado lang akong curious. yun lang.

// i'm also aware i tend to let things get into me. a lot. hay.

// i also realized you're ignoring me. >:| beats the shit man. why? teka nga muna. in all fairness i tried to be discrete with everything. whether it's still me or not, i never asked though i'm still curious haha. if anything, i want to bring back the times. oo, time heals all wounds daw. but it was also time who brought them in. magulo ang mundo diba. magulo talaga.

// alam mo ba blog, ikaw na yata ang pinaka best friend ko. hindi naman sa nagpapaka-loner ako pero mahirap makipag-seryosohan sa ibang tao. mamaya sesegway na sila sa buhay nila e. actually maiiwasan naman yun e, kelangan lang magmukang seryoso yung sasabihin mo. yung tipong, pakinggan mo ko kelangan ko ng karamay and shit kasi anlaki ng problema ko huhuhuhu. e hindi ko kaya yun kahit feeling ko malaki rin problema ko.

// i know a lot of people are facing heavier problems than i am, but everyone deserves ears and a presence of mind other than his own, no matter how trivial a thing they're facing. hindi naman sa kelangan ko ng kausap no. just saying haha. >:) ayoko naman talaga ng may kausap e.

// btw. nakita ko pala si greg! yehey! ♥

// hay. ayoko parin ng groupwork. >:|

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