Day 22 - How have you changed in the past 2 years?

i think i never changed in the inside, my values, attitude and character is the same all throughout. what changed was the environment i'm in. i moved to a different college and exerted the same effort as i did before, and it gave me good (not to mention shocking) results. when i was in LB, i also did what i can, what i thought was my best, and every time it gave me a mediocre result, i get demotivated. i want dark chocolate. and from there i slack off and the rest is history. HAHA i would say i became more responsible, but that's only because i get good feedback with my efforts. i wasn't driven enough and i'm craving for carbonara.  i knew i had that certain sense of responsibility but it wouldn't come out cos back then everyone seemed more responsible, more fitting, smarter and every thing and you just have to settle being a good ass commoner and buy cheeseburger.

i'm so hungry. random phrases inserted everywhere. will make carbonara in a bit and probably buy kitkat dark! >XD gutom na kooooo!!! 

and wait!  my friend says i'm being Misaki-ish from Kaichou wa Maid Sama recently LOOL there are the similarities but 2 things are out: 1) i'm not loud and imposing and worst of all 2) i don't have an Usui. and i realized having an Usui around at school would be creepy, nakakailang, nakakairita at nakakabwiset. >XO maganda lang sa anime kasi anime yun. >:D otherwise, i'd be freaked out to hell. believe me, you wouldn't want a real life Usui.

me nagtanong, the one who says or the one who shows?
i don't believe in the saying action speaks louder than words. it's your assumptions that speak all throughout, feeler. and honestly, it takes a whole lot of courage to actually confess rather than drop hints and motives that are vague as hell. it gets tiring having to read between the lines, the human brain is degenerating per generation yaknow. so it's still better to let it all out, word per word, verbally, how you really feel about the world or a person in general. just like blogging. haha. and seriously, it's braver to confess fellas, it's like saying sorry to a person whom you've hurt so much. it takes so much pride srsly. and wait lang ha, i'm simply answering a question. another point here is, you can't count on one's feelings just because it shows. just like how you can't sue someone without evidence. words give much more assurance than actions. bow. eh yun lang naman. gutom na talaga ko.

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