it's a goodnight when i'm staying awake, and an i love you three months late. there's just so much to regret about life. you know i was finally relieved of burden #1 for real yohoww but burden #2 seems to be getting into me way way worse than before man. it's screwing my mental state like crazy.

of course i'm just kidding.

my major worries right now goes to planning about what's up for ICON this year. it has become my biggest moral obligation, at par with hooking that latin honor. and being that, i have to really work hard and deliver well without compromise. i say being an officer is not an excuse to get lower grades. homay Lord. pahinging powers please. at utak. pati energy. at kape. omgehh.

oh by the way, something came in the mail today! it's a box of TWINNING'S WHITE TEA! (LOL yeah that's a shameless plug). i've been waiting for it for quite a while now so yes, i'm happy it's not scam lol. it's my first time to win something LEGIT over the internet yknow. haha and because i'm happy that there is always an abundance of caffeinated drinks in the house, i tried it with kalamansi and muscovado sugar and well, it's pretty much like Biofit Tea. hehehe >:D

nothing's up tomorrow so siguro naman pwede ako manuod ng anime no? thank you.

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