i'm burning inside

literally! my neck is cold but i'm freakin burning with a fever inside. me tawag dun e. my body hurts too, ano bang ginawa ko't parang kung san san ako binugbog. >X'( anyway. can't touch my kitkat dark yet! napaka-lungkot na buhay. i was looking forward to it when i got home but i don't think it's gonna help me. i also discovered something about myself earlier! something that changed my outlook of, ano, food. i need to change my diet demmit, something that could last me for 60 more years to come. please Lord. hanotohhhh?! whew.

Anlene Concentrated Milk is to die for. johowkkk. it's my new favorite breakfast drink! perfect diluted with warm water. >:D >:D >:D gutom na ko. T__T;

Fliptop Battles announced AHON II, a two day event which will start on June 2, 9pm somewhere along Timog Ave. i browsed the list of battles and didn't see FUEGO in it! miss ko na sya ano baaaaaa. >:| >:|

i'm passing a crappy thesis proposal tonight. it's our old project... which of course still needs a ton of improvement and revisions. hay. haaaaay. crap this fever. >:|

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