// i thought i'd be able to change my layout tonight but looks like it has to wait! antok na ko! i was editing the icon website yesterday and realized how easy it is to configure your layout using just blogger's premade templates. it's damn easier i kinda regret not utilizing that feature earlier cos thought it wasn't that customizeable. HAHA when you're a (frustrated artist) you always want to do things your way. using someone else's layout as mannequin for my design felt like a stab to my originality. after all, i can code. anyhow, it's a matter of ego. right now, i'm moving out of layouting by scratch cos it bums me like hell and saps all the fats in my skull. i thank blogger for making life easier for me. >:)

// ayon, for now let's all wallow in the apparent pinkness of this page.

// today was cool! finally sold my MS28 to some guy online. i thank God cos of the three times i met with a stranger to sell stuff, nothing bad happened (to me or to the gadget at least). bwaha it isn't much, just enough for a small CD-R King splurge, i was even reluctant on spending the moolah cos his payment includes a new-edition 1k bill. the pretty blue bill with the tubataha reef and a cool pearl on a shell or something. it's my favorite bill, for obvious reasons. LOL

// hey i saw this owl at sky garden, SM North awhile ago. >:D

it's soooo smashing beautiful, a fully grown up version of Ron's Pigwidgeon! >XD

// yah sabi ko nga inaantok na ko. kinakabahan ako sa grades ko seryoso. i can feel they're gonna plummet to hell... o sige para hindi masyadong pahumble, to earth. ampotek. stratosphere na nga lang. shemay sorry talaga. hahahaha.

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