because unless you're selling an item internationally, then you got a scammer on board.

their style is pretty much the same, buyer lives in the US and wants you to ship the item to AFRICA as a gift to his cousin. buyer knows only one mode of payment and 2 couriers: paypal, fedex or DHL respectively. and they won't accept any other options. the story could vary but it's always the same, a foreign buyer who wants your item delivered to another country. and of course, they'll graciously say they'll pay for all the expenses.

i don't know how it works but the first time i got one, i reached a point where the buyer already gave me the name and address of his cousin. i knew shipping would be expensive and i was ready to shell out some bucks for it. GOOD THING, i got another buyer! and guess what, it's another foreign national with the same scheme. this time he lives in the UK and wants my item shipped to Abu Dhabi. i flagged it immediately.

so there, beware. >;)

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