i'm really close to both of my parents but i never considered myself a mommy's girl. it's daddy who usually jokes around with me and annoys me most of the time. we do silly things together. i love slang talking with him and calling him a loser (reference: yaya and angelina). when terai is at the grocery with mommy, i'll be at cyberzone with daddy. honestly, daddy was never like an elder to me. yknow, those who give you sound advices about life and crap. i go to mommy, or her secretary (ate theresa!) for that haha. daddy is more childlike, which is probably why we get along so well. if he weren't around, who can i call to chase flying cockroaches? load ink to the printer? kill giant spiders? change the lights? fix the toilet? unscrew laptop panels? we've never called an electrician, plumber or pest killer in the house ever since it was built. daddy knows all those. he engineered our home. >:D

BWAHAHA i love you daddy!

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