Day 20 - How important you think education is

i would have a lot to say about this but my main point would be that, to every youth, it must be their most valued achievement.

life is getting harder by the day! so many things to do, so little time! ashdfvbinabsdcasfdyucdssd
i'm getting really frustrated... at everything! i'm in this kindof in-denial, self-reassuring and delusional stage in life and and kahgsdasnsd. HAHAHA

ayun. i want to test myself. how well can i handle this? how does it feel to get burned out? yung tipong bibigay na dahil sa pagod. kasi minsan feeling ko hindi naman ako pagod, antok lang. and i'm still eating pa naman. so i'm not depriving myself in any way. i mean, i just bought a new phone pa nga e! yehey! haha siguro kelangan ko lang bumili ng uniform kasi ang dugyot ko na tingnan araw araw. haha

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