my grades aren't so bad =)

at least that's what i can say. i'm not very hard to please... as long as i don't have a line of 7... i'm contented. =)
my lowest is still pinoy.. 81.
my highest is prosec... 96. i can't believe it either... although it's a minor subject i still can't get over the fact that i didn't pass 2 reflection papers and i got 96! thank you Lord!
oh well i have to improve 4 subjects: pinoi, english, accounting and teenstar. haha... i failed the teenstar test... it's not really helping me. our teacher is not very convincing...

i computed my averages:
major: 88
minor: 89
all: 88

hmm... not bad. =)

oh well... i want to try the peppermint mocha frappe... =)

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