no sleep

i wonder when i'll ever get back to sleeping properly. i told myself, definitely after ICON week, then i'll get nega and say, maybe after the trimester, and get even more depressed and think that i'm never gonna be able to sleep until after graduation. >XO

i miss sleeping! i miss my bed! i miss baks and my pillows and blanket. haynako.

hey. yesterday when i bought ice cream, i realized that selecta coffee crumble has increased in price by 5 pesos (the 800 something mL variant) and there are quite a lot of new stocks on the fridge! actually i thought they're phasing it out and replacing it with coffee almond cookies but gooooood thing it's back on production! yehey!

kopiko 3-in-1 brown coffee is such a freaking steal! >XO in terms of flavor, creaminess and blah it's perfect, it got me. it's my favorite taste, but kick-wise it's got none. if it was more caffeinated i would've placed it on my favorite instant coffees list bwahaha but no. it's cheap, 10 sachets for 52.something pesos at SM hypermarket. cheaper elsewhere. i dunno if i've gone more and more immune to the effects of coffee but this one i guess is too creamy to be strong. Pior 3-in-1 still on the top. >:) ah my gooolly i love this coffee. and i'm secretly hoping that someone from Tridharma Marketing Corporation reads this and rewards me with a year's supply LOL. 

i don't remember why i agreed to be part of the group singing competition for filipino week. it must've been the greediness for incentives. some of my philhis classmates and i suddenly decided to join the contest A DAY BEFORE THE CONTEST PROPER like real freaking arrogant idiots. LOL sorry. it was an impulsive move. for the glory of 20 points in the final exam we are going to subject ourselves to utter shame and humiliation tomorrow. i mean, srsly. i suddenly don't feel like it. can i just withdraw? i'm so sorry. i, uhm. errrr. i'm tired. lol joke. i need the sun and its positivity! being nocturnal has turned me uber nega. haha

heyhey. accounting was. uhm. mygaaaahh i got 94 on my make up test!!!! >XD yeah, over a friggin 123 items of pure crap. HAHAHA but God is good. prof adjusted the perfect score, and it's now over 100. i am probably one of her happiest students. i was worrying about this because accounting with her is so freaking abstract. because of it i came to respect accounting majors even more for excelling at something i so majorly suck at. hey that rhymes.

not sleeping anytime soon! still looking for my mojo. still got tarps to do. >:)


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