pretty girls!

yesterday i saw tae kyung at school! >XO and guess what, she's a junior from holy. what the hell. she still sports the same beiber hair but now her gender is finally identified because of the familiar brown fugly uniform. last time we saw her, she's too boyish. hahaha i don't want to be reminded of how holy has been turned into a lesbian pen over the years. during my stay there, the ratio's probably a safe 5 out of 200. now, i dunno. society has twisted everyone's mind into accepting homosexuality as a safe, non-evil cause to be fought for greater equality but no. why. why?! i don't understand how the equality we fight for has become so literal. asdghashjfsdqsc

hello thesis where the fudge are youuuu?! >XO srsly! my groupmates and i are so freakin lax i dunno what's gonna happen to us this shatterday. lol we're literally 0% on the program code. BWAHAHAHAHA what happened to me. >X| bad vibes. bad vibes. i'm seriously considering abandoning this. but of course, i'll try not to let shift happen. but it can't be helped! i have like 3 days to learn a programming language that is a complete alien to me. and i'm hating the other classes for having uber simple theses about webdev! grrr

nakakatawa. nakakatawa. pero sige dun na to sa kabilang blog. hahahahahahaha

i have so much to blog about! every time i go out and take photos on the streets or anywhere, i always think of blogging about it here kaso fuuuudge. waley ng time! tsk >X(

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